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Welcome to Microforum Vinyl Pressing
The Art of Vinyl
Vinyl ...
All you need to know
Wave Length
Premastering for Vinyl Recordings
What you need to know to prepare your audio for vinyl.
Head Phones
Master Lacquers, Electroplating & Test Press
From Lacquers to Metal to Test Press.
Vinyl Pressing and Options
The Final Press.
Test Pressing
Test Pressing
A rough draft of your record.
Jackets, Labels, Sleeves & Packaging
The Art of Your Vinyl Release.
Download Cards
Download Cards & Labels
Increase sales and give your fans an extra treat with a high-rez digital version of your album along with the vinyl.
Short-Run Vinyl Records at
Need a short run of Vinyl FAST? Order ONLINE now using our new VINYLIZER service!
Vinyl Forms
Ordering your next vinyl record release couldn’t be easier.
Just fill out the below forms and submit along with your audio files.
Download Cards
Intellectual Property Rights Form
This form is to be submitted with each new order.
Download Cards
Production Que Track List
Outline the contents and time for your music.
Download Cards
Client Audio Checklist
Options and Extra Services.
Download Cards
All 3 Forms Above
Download all forms (IPR, Que Track List, Client Audio Checklist).
Download Cards
Payment Methods
Payment can be made via major credit cards or by e-transfer.
We accept art files in many different formats, however, the preferred format is High Resolution CMYK PDFs.
Labels (A+B)
Download Cards & Stickers
CDs / DVDs
Microforum first got into manufacturing by injection moulding
optical media - CDs and DVDs. For nearly two decades,
we have been providing high quality glass mastered optical discs,
as well as related print services, from our 60,000 square foot facility
in Toronto. At Microforum, we know how to make quality disc products,
and we constantly strive to provide the best service anywhere
through our nationwide network of agents and brokers.

For additional information about our CD, DVD and Blu-ray services,
please visit our
corporate website.
Contact Us
If you have any questions ...
Call us at 1-800-465-2323
Open Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm
Open Monday - Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm
Located in Toronto
1 Woodborough Avenue, Toronto, ON M6M 5A1
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